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The #1 eBusiness Assessment Tool

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Live Anywhere & Have A Business You Love

Introducing The Legit eBusiness Assessment TM


Take this assessment and find out which type of online business is the best match

or your personality, lifestyle, skillset, and resources.


This video Masterclass was created to put you on your right path - right now!


.. and find YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS that you can do from anywhere in

the world, on the schedule you set!


The Results Are In

& They're Amazing!

GO FROM: No Idea which business to do or even how to get started...


TO: Identifying Your Perfect eBiz Match and know what to do next!



Learn how to avoid the traps and protect yourself from the biggest

mistakes women make when choosing an online business.

Remove The Guess Work & Self Doubt Now So You Can

Stop Second-Guessing Yourself Once And For All

Live Anywhere & Have A Business You Love

G E T   T H E   I N S I D E   S C O O P

Discover The Most Effective Way For Motivated, Busy Women To Identify Their Perfect-Fit Online Business & Get It Started Now

Here's What's Included

Lifetime Access

The Entire Program

Plus 3 Never Seen Before Bonuses

Get All The

Training Videos
Day 1-5

And The Complete Slide Deck For The Entire Program


Individual Breakdown Of All 15 Business Models


FREE 30min Private Strategy Session With Heather

FREE BONUS #3 Ultimate Analysis Spreadsheet
All 15 Business Models Broken Down Into Fine Detail

Categorized, Sortable & Able To Be Edited

You Can Have All The Data At Your Fingertips

Customize - Filter - Analyze 

Do Not Close The Browser Window Or Push The Back Button

You Will Be Returned To Our Page After The Transaction Is Complete

Your Data is Secure

We use a 256-bit encryption protocol to keep your private data secure at all time.

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"This program can save you years of time and thousands of dollars otherwise lost by chasing down the wrong business!"

Live Anywhere & Have A Business You Love

Meet Your Team Leaders

Dusty Rose

The perfect supervisor always poking her nose in and checking the status! You are sure to meet

this one at some point.


The Expat Entrepreneur

20 years international business experience with the past 6-years dedicated exclusively to online business and eCommerce.


Back-up supervisor when not napping and big sister (from the same litter!) These felines were born in Qatar, have lived in Canada and now Japan!

Is This Program Right For You?

The only prerequisite is that you are ambitious, ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Every business requires work, some more than others and the amount of time you want to devote to your business is just

 one of many determinations you will make for yourself during this challenge.

We only want you to sign up if you are 100% ready to get to work now.

You Will LOVE This & Feel

Totally Empowered If:

  • You are tired of feeling like you're wasting your time and resources on unfulfilling things. 

  • You want to start an online business but have no idea where to begin or which one to choose.

  • You're afraid of losing time & money doing the wrong things or choosing the wrong business.

  • You feel a bit like a boat without a rudder in a gigantic ocean.

  • You set goals for yourself and are constantly trying to improve yourself, family, community...

This Is Probably Not The Right Program For You If:

  • You can't commit at minimum of 7-10 hr/week+ to get your business up and running. 

  • You're not willing to do the actual work to get your business off the ground.

  • You don't like authenticated, verified systems and prefer to "wing-it".

  • You're looking for hot tips and a fast, easy way to make a buck.  

  • You really don't want to make money working on your computer.

This Has The Power To Change

Your Financial Future

& Your Identity

If you take this assessment be prepared to feel inspired, to come away empowered,

and to move forward with confidence knowing you have all the

facts to make the right decision for YOU.

Live Anywhere & Have A Business You Love

See Why The

- Legit eBusiness Assessment TM -

Is The #1 Online Business Assessment Tool For Women Who Want To Start

Profiting From Real, Income Producing Online Opportunities In 2021

If You're Tired Of

Feeling Like There Has To Be

Something More To Life Than

What You're Doing Now

And Don't Really Know How To

Make A Change....

Let Me Remove The Guesswork Match You Up With

The Perfect eBusiness For You & Your Lifestyle

Live Anywhere & Have A Business You Love

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