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"Done beats perfect every single time."

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"For me, entrepreneurship is a compulsion."



"I know this for sure because I've tried to quit more times than I can remember...  If that surprises you, it shouldn't because being an entrepreneur is hard and you need a darn good reason for wanting what you want, or most of us will pitch it in when things get tough (and they always do)." 

A 20 year expat and international business owner, she has a wealth of first hand knowledge and works with other expat women to help them find and start the online business they are ideally suited for, and that they'll love. She is like a match maker of business + personality and shows women how to safely pursue their dream and enjoy the many freedoms and rewards that are waiting for all who choose the "not so easy" path of entrepreneurship.

"THIS airport is massive....." I thought to myself as I strolled into the duty-free shop beside my boarding gate in the Beijing International Airport to get a closer look at the super cute bags on display.


This is easily the largest airport this world traveler has ever seen, and I remember feeling so lucky that there was an interesting store right beside my departure gate! 


I mean how often does that happen right?


I glance at my watch and see it's getting dangerously close to the TAKE-OFF time, not boarding time and I look over at the gate and nothing is happening? Hummm this is weird. A million thoughts run through my head in a nanosecond and I realize it's long past the ideal time to confirm that everything is on track (damn those cute bags).....


I have my boarding pass in my hands standing in front of the gate and I'm confirming once again:
-flight #7658 departing PEK (Beijing), check, 
-departure time 14:20 for NRT (Narita Japan), check,
-departing from gate 718, wait.... WHAAAAT? I'm at gate 512!


​OMG it's a different airline! Are you kidding me? 


What are the chances that TWO different airlines are departing at the exact same time for the same destination - and I'm at the wrong one with minutes to spare in the boarding window!


​The blood is now draining from my head and leaving the feeling of "champagne bubbles" in its place and I'm now having an out-of-body experience... The one where your surroundings start to swirl around you like you're watching a movie and the camera just did a 360 around you as you're spinning in the other direction....


I get pointed in the right direction for the right gate and start the fool's dash through the airport dragging my roll on behind me testing its stability to the max (it got a solid 71%).


Internal dialogue:
What were you thinking....?
Move move move!
What if I miss my flight out of China???


Way ahead in the distance I think I see an arrow with my gate number... nope!


"KEEP GOING!!!" I thought to myself. I didn't say these words, but I knew I would not stop running until I was at the right gate, even if I missed my flight......


Another fuzzy sign in the distance that looked like it might be my number and thankfully it was! I come billowing down the escalator and around the corner to the correct gate and basically walked right onboard (trying to look cool) and I'm literally a hot, sweaty mess! I'm pretty sure they closed the door right behind me and I remember how fast my elation and feeling like I won something turned into a scolding....


Internal dialogue:
Idiot!!! Idiot!!! Idiot!!!

"Just find your seat!"


This seasoned traveler just got her ass handed to her!

I spent a good portion of that flight and a while after that beating myself up for such a stupid mistake that was a razor's edge from being a major problem.


I'm not proud to admit that it took a little while to let myself off the hook for that, but even as I was figuratively telling myself off, I was (and still am) very grateful that I caught my mistake with enough time to rectify the situation.


​Can you guess where I'm going with this.....? Even when you're on track and think you're exactly where you should be, sometimes "stuff" happens, sometimes conditions change, and sometimes you're just plain wrong. 


Am I right?
This Beijing airport adrenaline sprint happened several years ago when I was on one of my many buying trips in China, meeting suppliers and visiting factories back when I ran my private label business and was selling products on Amazon.


When I'm paying attention I like to get triple confirmations on everything important whether it's research, margin levels, or departure gates, LOL! Even with the best of intentions, sometimes things can still get away from us.


I took that "fun experience" as a reminder:
-to tighten up,
-revisit any assumptions I recently made on important issues, and
-move forward on full alert.


This "near-miss" was a perfect reminder of why it's so important to have checks and balances and milestones to work from. For me, and most other successful entrepreneurs I know this also means having a coach in my corner. One person can't see everything. It takes a team especially when you're building a business.
Fast forward to today, it turns out that my diverse business background, my many, many failures, and the handful of big wins I've had have put me in a unique position to reach back and give the next ambitious woman who is hot on my tail a big leg up!


Today nothing brings me more joy than helping expat women like me to find their way in this online world of business and to arm them with the true reality, the best "selected & vetted" training available in the industry, and solid accountability every step of the way. 



I've found that when combined together, these three

elements become a winning trifecta that breeds

one success after another.



If you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and get started on a business that you're going to love, if you're ready to win - then I invite you to take a small step forward and explore what I have created for women like us.


Everything I do and teach is custom-made for expat women who want more out of life than manicures and lunch dates, who want to utilize their resources and talents and do something fulfilling with them.  


My only question for you right now is,

are you one of my kind?

20 Year Expat

Lived In 5 Countries


International Businesses

3 Brands

& Dozens Of Products To Market

7 Years

Private Label Seller


Today Heather uses her vast experience as an independent business woman to help other women find and settle into the perfect business match

or their personality and lifestyle.

Online Business From Abroad

Empowering women to find their business personality type by matching up their skills, personality, and lifestyle using peer-reviewed tools and assessments.

Lazer Targeted Courses

Pouring her vast knowledge into courses and masterclasses that can be consumed on demand or in conjunction with her powerful implementation workshops, designed to take women from an idea or obscurity to start up.

Review & Recommend

Best Resources

Sourcing and vetting the top calibre training programs and service platforms required to successfully operate various online business models. 



Hot off the presses! Here is a closer look at Heather's past business ventures, including her private label business on Amazon.


What her clients say

Marena Drlik

Founder, Drlik and Associates

"I came across Heather Farrell helping entrepreneurs looking to start an e-business. I took her challenge and was happily surprised that her assessment and her explanation of 15 different businesses really pinpointed the kind of business I would be happy creating. It is exactly what I've been working on. The outside confirmation was really helpful because I can now ignore all my urges to go looking for something else. What is most important about Heather is she has actually created numerous e-businesses so she knows what she is talking about and can really cut through all the hype that is out there. Thank you Heather for your help."

Katherine G. MacRae

Founder, Be Your Own Super Her

"Heather's personalized step by step coaching can transform your online business dream into reality faster than you can do it alone and more successfully."

Kayla Alle


"Yes!! I feel like everyone just needs to listen watch and grow from what you're saying! So many people would benefit and have no idea!"

Jane Van Honk

Full Time Entrepreneur

"Heather Farrell knows her stuff! An excellent teacher, great researcher (no BS content) and someone who deeply cares about providing value to others. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her and change your life!"

Azikiwe Primu


"Thank you Heather for such clarity and value! I first started trying to make money online about 20 years ago with some success. I don't think I've ever come across such a comprehensive bird's-eye view understanding of the online money making landscape at this present moment in time."

Regina Peterburgsky

7-Figure Amazon Private Label Seller, Podcaster, Speaker, Mompreneur

"I've been fortunate to work with Heather over the last 5 years to strategize on my eComm business. She has helped me find and implement several things that have helped me grow my business and make it run more smoothly.

Heather has a deep understanding and wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of online business and has lots of unique ideas that have worked well for me as part of my growth.

Heather is a natural motivator and has inspired me me to get going and keep going many times. I was so pleased to find a female coach who has a genuine interest seeing me and my business succeed.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone looking for a coach/mentor to guide them through the maze which is online business today."


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